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Brand KVITKA was established in 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Thanks to its owner, YULIYA DAR, who moved to the USA, now Kvitka flowers atelier is presented in Houston.

Kvitka flower atelier is a family-owned business, that's why our services are customer oriented. 

Our goal was not just to open another ordinary florist shop, but a flower boutique with an unusual approach to bouquet design and an exclusive variety of flower arrangments.

Here at KVITKA FLOWER ATELIER, we believe that nothing can brighten someone’s day like a beautiful bouquet. No matter the occasion, one arrangement is enough to lift anyone’s spirit! We are providing clients in greater HOUSTON with a large selection of flower arrangements that are catered to suit their specific requests.

Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect bouquet for you to express your sentiments. Whether you are looking for something for a special occasion or simply feel like surprising your other half, KVITKA has an impressive collection that caters to all your needs. Take a look at our products IN OUR ONLINE STORE OR CONTACT US TO ORDER SOMETHING INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE.

flowers in a box


You have found this page because you needed not just a flower delivery.  You have found it because…you are writing your story. 

“I am a KVITKA.  A flower.  Just like you.  I clearly remember how my seed was placed in the soil.  I know exactly where my roots belong, and my greatest value is in the petals of my talent.

The roots gave me colors, splendor, aroma... The roots gave me a mission.

My talent is to cherish, caress, express gratitude, ask for forgiveness, reconcile, extend compliments and surprise.  My talent is to deliver all that you feel in the language of flowers and convey the scent of your feelings to reach the very heart.

And being proud of my roots, I break away from them so that every stem of mine, every scent and all the mesmerizing shades of my flowers acquire their true meaning - to deliver the sincere emotions, the sentimental feelings and to make  the eyes of your beloved ones shine. 

I am a flower.  And just like you I make this world more beautiful.

Flower Portrait



 I can say "thank you", "I'm sorry", "I love you"...

My gift is to delight, rejoice, warm the hearts of your loved ones, express deep gratitude, ask for forgiveness, reconcile, flatter and surprise. Each time I flourish to deliver the smell of your feelings from the very bottom of your heart to express everything that you can not put into words...

"I'm proud of you", "I remember it all", "I'm always there for you"...

How many times were the words just not enough?

Your feelings have a color, your emotions have a scent, and your confessions have a form. 

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